Elderly woman with walker boarding Your Ride bus with lift, assisted by the driver.

How to Ride the MTA

Tips for First Time Riders

Riding the bus is easy! Here are some tips:

More people are discovering that riding MTA is a great way to save money by commuting. Because of that, ridership has soared to record levels. On routes across the system, buses are filling up with savvy passengers who know that public transportation Is more economical, reliable and safer. Add to the fact that it is the “Green” way to go! As the number of passengers increases, we ask you to keep these suggested rider tips in mind:

  1. To have someone help you plan your bus trip, or if you have Questions, call the MTA Customer Service Department at (810) 767-0100. And have the following close at hand:
    • Pen and paper ( to write down directions and transfers)
  2. Once MTA’s Customer Service personnel have helped you find your route and times, locate the bus stop (that serves your bus route) nearest you. Try to arrive at your stop five to seven minutes early.
  3. When you see your bus coming, watch for the front destination sign, which will Identify whether this is the bus you need to board.
  4. Have the exact fare or a bus pass ready. Drivers do not carry change. Bus passes can be obtained at a number of locations-some Kroger stores as well as the MTA Transit Center and AMTRAK building sell passes from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Adult fares on all primary routes are $1.75. If you are elderly, disabled or have a medicare card, cost is $0.85.
  5. For your safety, please be seated promptly. Do not stand near the driver.
  6. You will be informed of the stops by an automated voice recording. If you are unfamiliar with the area of your destination, ask the driver to assist you.
  7. Push the stop bar about one block before your stop.
  8. Children under 42” must be accompanied by a paying customer capable of caring for the child.
  9. Please refrain from eating or drinking on the bus. Carry all trash off the bus with you.

Travel Training

Giving You the Skills, Confidence and Independence

Travel Training is for those who need help learning to ride the MTA bus system. Travel Training teaches riders how to use the MTA Fixed Route/Your Ride system. The training is customized to meet each individual’s needs.

Getting Started is Easy

Travel Training sessions are as unique as you are. The Travel Trainer will meet you at your home, conduct a travel assessment, and develop a personalized travel plan. The Travel Trainer will accompany you throughout your entire travel training experience. Best of all the training is self paced – take all of the time you need and ask all of the questions you want.

What will I learn?

Travel Training follows an easy, step-by-step learning process. You will learn to:

  • Read bus maps and schedules
  • Plan your trip and ride the necessary routes
  • Recognize bus stops, landmarks and route names
  • Pay fares and purchase passes
  • Safely cross the street and other important pedestrian skills
  • Prepare for bus riding questions
  • Ride the bus with confidence

Contact MTA’s Travel Trainer for more information or to schedule Travel Training:

Joe Kiefer
Travel Trainer
(810) 780-8823