MTA driver assisting a disabled wheelchair user onto a bus.

MTA Eligibility Card

The MTA Eligibility card enables you to ride Fixed Route or Your Ride for a discounted fare. A reduced fare card is available for seniors over 65, persons with disabilities and Medicare card holders. A Medicare card along with a state I.D. can be presented for a reduced fare on fixed route services. The MTA Eligibility card is NOT an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Card. The MTA Eligibility card does not give the card holder priority service. It does allow for reduced fares. The Eligibility card is not valid on Regional transportation.

How to Apply for an MTA Eligibility Card

An MTA Eligibility Card application must be completed. The form can be downloaded here on the website, or picked up at the MTA Northrup-Abrams Transportation Center Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm. The applicant must have a medical professional verify the applicant’s disability on the medical professional’s letterhead. When the application is completed, the applicant must return the application in person to the MTA Customer Service department. If the applicant qualifies, a photo will be taken of the applicant for the ID card.

When You Receive Your MTA Eligibility Card

Please make sure you carry an additional photo ID when showing your MTA Eligibility card to the driver. You must show your MTA Eligibility card to the driver each time you board. This will assist us in eliminating any false identity issues. If your MTA Eligibility card is for a limited time period, you must renew in person at the MTA Customer Service Department. Please bring new verification by a medical professional when renewing your card. If your card is lost, the cost of a replacement card is $20.00.

What You Need to Know About Monthly Reduced Fare Passes

  • Monthly reduced fare passes are only good for the month they are issued
  • Monthly Reduced Fare passes are sold until the 15th of each month
  • The MTA does not sell monthly passes at half price if the passenger purchases them in the middle of the month. Passes go on sale the 25th of each month to be used for the following month
  • Passes will not be accepted until the first day of the month stated on the pass
  • Passengers over 65 and older, persons with disabilities, and Medicare card holders qualify for monthly reduced fare passes