People waiting for a bus inside a bus stop shelter.

Adopt a Shelter

Adopt a Shelter is a program that helps businesses, individuals and community organizations make a difference in their neighborhoods by “adopting” local bus shelters. Mass Transportation Authority staff make regular visits to shelters to make sure that they are in good repair and available for all riders, but we need your help.

With You and Your Organization Involved:

Those who adopt, whether it’s a neighborhood group or an organization, will assist MTA’s efforts by alerting us to any special maintenance needs and reporting vandalism or suspicious activity to the proper authorities. Through the Adopt a Shelter program, you can help us keep area bus shelters safe, clean, and clear of ice and snow. Join us in being a good neighbor to the community by joining our Adopt a Shelter Program.


If you have questions regarding the Adopt a Shelter program, please call the Mass Transportation Authority’s Planning department at (810) 780-8825.

If you are interested in adopting or requesting a shelter, please fill out the form below, or you may fill out the Adopt-A-Shelter Application.

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