Mobile bus passes are HERE!

Download the free
MTA GO Pass App

and purchase fares using a credit or debit card!

Go Pass Mobile App

  • Download for free. The Go Pass App is now available at Google Play and Apple Store. Download the app for free and purchase passes using a credit or debit card.
  • Scan and go. Select your pass from the Go Pass App, activate it when boarding the bus, and then scan the QR code on the bus farebox using your phone.

Go Pass Features/Benefits

  • More Convenience. Managing your Go Pass account is fast and easy. Login on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet whenever it’s convenient.
  • More Security. When you register for an account, your Go Pass balance is protected if lost or stolen.
  • More Rewards. Look for loyalty programs with special offers, discounts, and promotions when using Go Pass for bus fares.
  • Extra Savings. Go Pass will automatically charge the “best fare”, so you never pay more than $5.00 a day for passes. (Certain limitations apply.)
  • Auto Load.  You can set up your Go Pass for automatic reload to keep your balance from getting too low, running out of value, or having you make a special trip to load up.

For more information or if you have a comment, call Customer Service (810) 767-0100 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Go Pass Mobile App is a convenient and contactless way to pay when riding MTA. You can download the free Go Pass App from the Google Play or Apple Store and purchase passes using a credit or debit card.

The Go Pass Mobile App provides an easier and more secure way of purchasing passes. It also provides “best fare” pricing with fare capping. When you use your Go Pass mobile app, it will automatically cap the price you pay in a day, week, or month. Also, using your Go Pass mobile app allows for no charge transfers.

Go to the Go Pass Website or Mobile App or visit Customer Service at the Transportation Center.

The Go Pass Mobile App provides a “pay as you go” feature that allows you to purchase passes to use MTA’s Primary Route and Regional Route services.

  • Select My Passes on the navigation page.
  • Choose your pass under Pay as You Go.
  • Select if you want a no charge Transfer.
  • Activate Pass as you board the bus. You have 5 minutes to use the pass once activated.
  • Scan QR code on the bus farebox and enjoy your ride.

Activate your mobile pass within 5 minutes from boarding the bus.

If your mobile phone is lost/stolen/replaced and you have your new phone, you can install the Go Pass App and sign into your account with your User ID (email) and password. If you have active or non-active passes and do not see them, please delete the Go Pass App, and reinstall. If your passes are still not shown, please contact MTA’s Customer Service at (810) 767-0100 for assistance.

You can use your Go Pass account on multiple devices. However, the fare capping (best fare) will be per device only and will not be shared across multiple devices for the same account.

Your balance on the Go Pass Mobile App does not expire.

It is your responsibility to have a charged and operational phone so that you are able to display and scan your mobile pass. If you are unable to display/scan your mobile pass, you will have to purchase a pass from MTA’s Customer Service.