Woman boarding MTA Primary Route bus with bike on the rack in the front of bus.

MTA Bike Policy

Ride Your Bike and The Bus

MTA Primary Route buses are equipped with bike racks extending your travel options to wherever life takes you. No special permit or advance reservation is required. Your bike is included in a single fare.

Bicycle racks can carry two bikes at a time only and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For safety reasons, bus operators are not allowed to assist loading or removing bikes from racks. For faster boarding, please remove any loose objects or personal items that could fall off your bike during transit.

Unclaimed bikes inadvertently left on MTA vehicles may be retrieved by calling Customer Service at(810) 767-0100. Be prepared to describe the bike and prove ownership

Things to Remember

  • Our bike racks are designed to carry standard bikes. Recumbent bikes, tandem bikes and three-wheeled bikes are not allowed because they do not fit safely into the racks.
  • Remember, to allow for faster boarding, be ready to load by taking all loose objects and personal items off your bike.
  • At your destination, be sure to exit the front door and tell the driver you are going to remove your bike from the rack.
  • Raise the rack to its upright position when no other bike is present.
  • MTA assumes no liability for injuries or damages incurred to bikes, personal property or persons while using the racks or riding the bus.

Loading Your Bike

  1. Before the Bus Arrives; Please remove pumps, water bottles, book bags and locks that may be stored on your bike while you wait for the bus.
  2. Loading Your Bike; Leave your bike at the curb while you prepare to release and lower the rack.
  3. Releasing The Bike Rack; If the bus arrives with the bike rack folded against the bus, release it by pulling the red center handle up, then lower the rack.
  4. Positioning Your Bike; If only one bike is being loaded, put it in the position closest to the bus. Face your bicycle so that the front tire is facing the red locking arm (The rack is labeled for your convenience). Lift your bicycle onto the rack.
  5. Securing Your Bike; With your bike’s wheels in the wheel wells, pull the spring-loaded red locking arm out and over your front bike tire as close to the frame as possible. Make sure it is placed on your tire and not on the fender or frame.

​Removing Your Bike

  1. Leave by the front door and tell the operator that you’ll be removing your bike.
  2. To release your bike, simply pull the red support arm away from the wheel.
  3. Lift your bike from the rack.
  4. If the rack is empty please fold the rack against the bus by pulling the red handle toward you.
  5. Raise the rack until it locks into place.
  6. Move toward the curb quickly and let the operator know it’s safe to leave.