Your Ride

Personalized Public Transit

Your Ride is personalized public transit service designed for use by persons who are unable to use fixed route bus service. Your Ride should be used only when your age or disability prevents you from using fixed route bus service or fixed route services are not available to you. Your Ride curb to curb is available throughout Genesee County to those who qualify. As part of MTA’s Ride to Wellness and Non Emergency Medical Transportation, Door to Door service is available per request and approval.

How Your Ride Service Works

Your Ride transportation is provided through local service centers. There are eleven Your Ride Service Centers throughout Genesee County, each working to serve the transportation needs of residents in the surrounding service area. Regardless of where you want to travel in Genesee County, the service center nearest to you home will arrange the trip. You may plan a trip within you local service area, or you may travel to a different service area. Make all your arrangements through your local service center. Call after 5 p.m. the day before to confirm your ride.

Trips Outside Your Service Area

At times, Your Ride trips to locations outside of your immediate service area may transfer through the MTA’s Customer Service Center in downtown Flint. At the Center, you can transfer to vehicles going to specific locations within the city and to locations throughout Genesee County.

Trips Into and Out of Flint

Your Ride service in Flint is reserved for persons with disabilities and senior citizens. Other passengers can use the fixed route bus system for travel within Flint. Passengers traveling into Flint on Your Ride may transfer to the fixed route system at the downtown Flint Customer Service Center. Likewise, passengers traveling from Flint to suburban areas may take a bus to the downtown Flint Customer Service Center and transfer to a Your Ride vehicle, or arrange a transfer at other convenient bus route locations. Passengers transferring from a bus must schedule Your Ride transportation through their local service center.

Pickup Window

The pickup window is defined as from 15 minutes before the scheduled pickup time to 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time. Riders must be ready to board a vehicle that arrives within the pickup window. The driver will wait for a maximum of 5 minutes within the pickup window for the rider to appear.

Learn more about MTA’s No-show Policy.

Limitations That May Apply

  • Drivers may only assist ambulatory passengers up or down one step, or the curb
  • Drivers may not assist passengers in wheelchairs up or down steps
  • All wheelchair passengers must have foot rests on chairs for transportation
  • In the winter, drivers may not assist passengers from the door to the Your Ride van if the driveway, walk or ramp needs to be shoveled
  • Before daylight or after dark, drivers will not go to the door to get passengers. Passengers will be contacted by Your Ride when the van has arrived to pick them up
  • Drivers do not help passengers prepare for their trips
  • Passengers who cannot travel alone should bring an aide. Trip reservations should be made for both passenger and aide at the same time. If passengers are certified as ADA eligible, their aides are not charged a fare
  • Passengers may bring a travel companion. The companion must pay the appropriate fare. Additional companions will be accommodated based on available space
  • Upon arrival, passengers should stay seated until the driver announces that they can get off. The driver will be available to assist every passenger on and off the Your Ride vehicle. Passengers can bring any parcels on board the van that they and/or their aides can carry on and off the van in one trip
  • Drivers are not qualified to give any medical assistance

Service Guides

Alternative Formats

The MTA is dedicated to providing safe, reliable transportation services to all persons within Genesee County. MTA strives to provide information in formats that all passengers can use. All MTA schedules and MTA public documents such as brochures, flyers, and other general public information are available in alternate formats including:

  • Braille
  • CD
  • 14 Point Large Print

Learn how to request information in an alternative format.

Service Hours:

Monday – Friday 6:30am – 10:30pm
Saturday 6:30am – 10:30pm
Sunday 7:00am – 7:30pm

BURTON Your Ride

(810) 767-5992
1401 S. Dort Hwy • Flint, MI 48503

BOUNDARIES: North: Carpenter Rd/Flint River; South: Maple Rd; East: Vassar Rd; West: Center Rd to Lippincott to Dort to Hemphill to S. Saginaw St.

CLIO Your Ride

(810) 780-8920
8095 Clio Rd • Mt. Morris, MI, 48458

BOUNDARIES: North: Willard Rd; South: Dodge Rd; East: Washburn Rd.; West: Sheridan Rd.


(810) 780-8910
3227 N. State Rd. • Davison, MI 48423

DAVISON: North: Carpenter Rd; South: Ray Rd; East: Washburn Rd; West: Vassar Rd.
OTISVILLE: North: Willard Rd; South: Dodge Rd/Carpenter Rd; East: Washburn Rd; West: Genesee Rd/Vassar Rd.

FENTON Your Ride

(810) 780-8965
2100 Copper Ave • Fenton, MI, 48430

BOUNDARIES: North: Ray Rd; South: Lovejoy Rd; East: Fenton Rd; West: Sheridan Rd.


(810) 767-5541
1401 S Dort Hwy. • Flint, MI, 48503

BOUNDARIES: North: Carpenter Rd; South: Hemphill Rd/Lippincott; East: Center Rd to Lippincott to Dort Hwy; West: Clio to Pasadena to ML King to S. Saginaw


(810) 233-4751
1401 S Dort Hwy. • Flint, MI, 48503

BOUNDARIES: North: Pasadena Ave; South: Maple Rd; East: ML King/S Saginaw St; West: I-75 to Corunna Rd to Linden Rd.


(810) 780-8930
1425 E. Pierson Road • Flushing, MI, 48433

BOUNDARIES: North: Dodge Rd; South: Calkins Rd; East: I-75 to Carpenter Rd to Clio Rd to Pasadena, back to I-75; West: Sheridan Rd.


(810) 780-8960
5051 S. Dort Hwy. • Grand Blanc, MI, 48507

BOUNDARIES: North: Maple Rd; South: Ray Rd; East: Vassar Rd; West: Linden Rd.

MT. MORRIS Your Ride

(810) 780-8970
8095 Clio Rd • Mt. Morris, MI, 48458

BOUNDARIES: North: Dodge Rd; South: Carpenter Rd; East: Vassar Rd; West: I-75.


(810) 780-8950
3462 S. Dye Road • Swartz Creek, MI, 48473

BOUNDARIES: North: Calkins Rd; South: Ray Rd; East: I-75 to Corunna Rd to Linden Rd; West: Sheridan Rd.