MTA Strategic Plan 2016-2026

Strategic Plan 2016-2026

Executive Summary

In 2016, the Mass Transportation Authority (MTA) celebrated its 45th anniversary of service to Flint and Genesee County. Both the MTA and the community it serves have experienced transformative change over the years. MTA has grown from a small, local transit service to a countywide organization operating across the region. MTA’s transformation over the last two decades was guided by a Strategic Plan that responded to needs brought forth by the community. Now it is time for MTA to reassess and renew the vision, as the community has changed in size, shape, and needs.

The 2016-2026 Strategic Plan is built on input from MTA customers, community stakeholders, sister agencies and organizations. The MTA Board of Directors shaped this input into a vision, core values, goals and strategies. A plan for implementation starts with today’s realities and builds a pathway for the MTA to follow over the next ten years into the future. MTA’s family of services operate throughout Genesee County and the surrounding region. In FY 2015, 5.5 million passengers used MTA to get to their destination. MTA provides essential service to riders who use it to go to work, school, medical appointments, shopping, and personal trips. It is the MTA’s highest priority to retain the current level of services. Many passengers arrange their lives according to MTA schedules, and experience shows that service changes disrupt lives, businesses and social services. MTA’s ability to sustain its current level of service against unforeseen circumstances requires the prudent set aside of additional fund reserves. MTA is dedicated to excellence and integrity. In order to insure that services continue to meet high standards, the MTA must regularly reinvest in its resources: the people, vehicles, and facilities involved in service operations. MTA must have a work force that is wellsuited to their jobs and motivated to do their best. A comprehensive strategy of employee development, advancement, satisfaction and succession is a high priority.

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